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Breast Milk Is The Optimal First Food For All Babies


Wholesome Empowerment Lactation Services and Full Circle Wellness work directly with the Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies (MMBB) to provide Wholesome Empowerment Milk Depot at FCW, a Human Milk Depot. The Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies is accredited by the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA)

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What is a Milk Distribution Site?

If you are in need of breast milk that has already been screened and pasteurized, please contact the MN Milk Bank for Babies directly. 


What is a Milk Depot?

A milk depot is a location where an approved donor can drop off excess breast milk to be transported to a donor human milk bank. All of the milk received at our depot is transported to the Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies where it is pasteurized, tested for bacteria, frozen, and stored for distribution.

How Do I Become a Donor? 

You will first need to initiate the screening process with the MMBB, this usually takes about 3-6 weeks to complete. You can find out more about becoming a donor on the Donate Milk page on the MN Milk Bank for Babies website. 

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I am an Approved MMBB Donor, How Do I Donate? 

Please contact Full Circle Wellness at 507-634-6071 during business hours to arrange for drop off.

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