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Empowering All Families Through Individualized Goal-Centered Care

Serving Rochester, Kasson and Surrounding Area



Tina Louks-Raatz,


Lactation Consultant

With over a decade of experience supporting new families in the hospital, I am thrilled to be able to meet you right where you are on your parenthood journey to support you and your baby's needs. . 

Providing the care

you most deserve

where you feel the

most comfortable

In - Office, In Your Home, or Virtual


Parent Reviews

“As a new mom, Tina was a breath of fresh air. I had no idea what I was doing. Tina was patient, helpful, and very knowledgeable. I felt at ease breastfeeding my son while she was with me and when she left. When I had questions I would write to her and she would respond promptly!


—  Brianna


  • Pregnancy lactation education 

  • Information to help you make an informed choice on feeding your baby

  • Guidance and support to establish/increase milk supply

  • Latch and positioning assistance for optimal comfort

  • Guidance through engorgement, plugged ducts and mastitis

  • Support through relactation

  • Guidance establishing lactation without pregnancy

  • Support managing breast and nipple pain

  • Assistance when pumping by choice or necessity

  • Guidance on pump selection

  • Pump fitting

  • Education on bottle feeding and safe formula preparation

  • Guidance when transitioning from nasogastric or bottle feeding to breast/chestfeeding

  • Post-frenotomy suck training

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